Since opening the blog, I am ready to start rearranging my own study notes gradually into the blog, which can improve my English writing skills, perhaps some of my notes to you friends may help you a little to get started.

I start learning to program in March, 2016 . First language is C. Then on the basis of it, I contact a little about Android and Java syntax, finally learn the .NET Framework. I really like C#, especially its syntax. Of course, someone may says that .NET programmers may be harder to get a offer than others, but I think no matter which direction you choose, the achievement that you can reached depends entirely on the personal commitment and attitude, instead of language. I want to choose a direction that I like best, and enjoy myself , so C# is the beginning for me best.

Damn shames, over two years since I first to my university , beginning to learn now is a bit late, but I believe that the experience is valuable, the most important is to look ahead, instead of looking back.

I Love my life, but still won’t be reconciled with poverty, we should learn to use our both hands to achieve our ideas. I have already started, how about you?

If you want to learn something more about me, or still interested in my blog with any others, everything  is ok, Contact with me.


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